Tips to make your child ready for Kindergarten

Preparing your child for kindergarten doesn’t really have to be a fearsome exercise. Kindergarten is your child’s first step to institutionalized education- so you are understandably nervous. You want the best for your child and wouldn’t really leave a stone unturned to ensure that your child has successfully adapted to the changed ambience (from home to school). A few tips will help you understand better.

Make him “reading-ready”

In order to make your child “reading ready” make sure you are reading stories to him every day. This practice can be initiated way before the child is actually admitted to school. Reading stories to your children helps you at multiple levels. You will find many kindergarten teachers reading stories to their students – it acts as a means of building rapport with them. Your child’s teacher may do the same as well. For your child, these reading sessions should not be something which he is completely new to.

Understand the emotional significance and act accordingly

Take deep breaths every day because kindergarten is going to be a very emotional experience for your child. Just the thought of staying away from parents for hours might psyche him out completely. However, it would be prudent on your end to ensure that you are actually giving him a hang of what exactly his school might be like. Tell him that you’re excited and can’t really wait for him to go to school- a place where he will make a lot of new friends though he’ll have to stay away from his parents for a few hours or so.

Other tips

Besides the aforementioned points, make sure you are acquainting yourself with other ways of dealing with your kid’s separation anxiety. A potent way is to kiss goodbye as soon as you leave him at the school gate. Make sure a teacher or school aid is there when you are kissing your child because that would mean that you are leaving him in their charge within a fraction of a minute or so. The longer you stay the more difficult it gets for your kid to accept your absence.

Make sure you are choosing a school which makes education fun. Teachers are often found to incorporate a lot of music in education – not only to make education fun but also to ensure that the students immerse themselves in something entertaining and keep separation anxiety issues at bay.

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