Workplace alienation: A reality?

You can ask the most confident of your colleagues at work and they will tell you that there have been times when they felt completely alienated at their workplace – something which not only took a toll on them emotionally but also affected their work performance adversely.

So, today if you are going through similar feelings related to workplace alienation, please know for a fact that you’re not the only one to feel thus. You’re not alone in this struggle. So, your problem is not entirely unique either. Keeping these tips in mind can help you battle workplace alienation in a better way. Read on.

Spend time in meaningful introspection

Don’t start playing your victim card as soon as you see others giggling around you during breaks but none of them actually including you in all the fun. Instead, start off by identifying possible weaknesses in you. Have you unintentionally offended others at any point of time? Is your body language responsible for turning people off immediately as they try to interact with you? Ask your closest of friends or parents to put forward their opinions regarding this. You might not exactly be able to study and improve your body language all by yourself.

Try to break the ice

The sense of alienation at workplace usually happens when you are new. Try to break the ice with your colleagues by going up to them. There are times when you are just overlooked by your seniors – perhaps because you are a part of large group of new joinees. While the other joinees were busy mixing with seniors, you might have missed out on going up to them because you were too shy. It is important to remember that it is you who need to break the ice first rather than feeling shy or overconfident that they will pursue you.

Talk to them to find out whether you have turned them off in some or the other way. Clear the air. Request them to be frank with you and convey your readiness to improve in case you have not been able to demonstrate warm vibes.

Shine on with aplomb!

Taking these aforementioned steps will definitely help you forge more meaningful relations with your colleagues. Don’t start undermining your potential or questioning your abilities because you’re apparently being ignored by others. Take it as an opportunity to improve your ways or for that matter clear the air. Shine on!

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