Are you stuck with a bad employer?

Bad employers are a reality. Your stint with your present company is marred by a seemingly ill-tempered or highly unreasonable boss. At first, it gets difficult for you to draw parity between the sane rational individual (who was) sitting in front of you during the boardroom interview and the one who you are interacting with, at present. Initially, you think that it’s your fault and that it’s you who can’t keep up with the inexplicable corporate mechanization. However, with the due passage of time you come to realize that you have got ten other colleagues who have got similar complaint against “the boss”.

Here are the signs that tell you that you are actually working with a bad boss and that it’s perhaps time to switch! Your career deserves much more than bad employers

Are you working under a bad employer? Here are the warning signs!

If your employer is encouraging coworkers to engage in regular deceit to entrap customers then you should view it as a possible red flag. The person handling sales over phone calls is regularly using fake names and promises. Even the company ads are full of fake promises and guarantees. You should wisely consider detaching yourself from such an organization. It’s only a matter of time till your company gets a bad rep. As an employee you will be seriously denting your future prospects if you choose to continue your association with such an organization.

There are instances where employers are known to take screenshots of mistakes committed by employees and circulate the same in the entire office. Humiliation of this scale should never be endorsed by recruits. No you possibly can’t shout at the top of your voice to stop this. However, what you can do is silently step up your job hunt and make the switch whenever you find something suitable.

If your employer wants you to work through lunchtime – almost every day, then you should rethink your decision of continuing with your present company. If your boss is trying to convince you that you should give up your lunch for work just because “you’re a senior” or for that matter “because you’re in charge of the fresh recruits” then let us tell you that he/she is perhaps too busy beefing up his personal murky mechanization under the facade of corporate adherence. Do not give in for long! Your health matters! Start looking for organizations where employees are treated with respect.

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