Online Job Search: A Few Misconceptions to Get Rid of

Believe it or not, modern job search is riddled with misconceptions. A casual internet search virtually opens up a world of job opportunities for you and you think that signing up for multiple job portals at the same time might as well result in you being flooded with job offers. However, let us tell you that this one remains one of the most notable misconceptions in the world of online job search. We will tell you why and acquaint you with more such job search myths in the course of the post. Do read on in order to be duly informed.

#Myth 1: Signing up for more job portals entails a greater number of job opportunities

You might as well believe that signing up for more job portals will actually go on to help you secure more job offers. However, let us tell you that there is no guarantee of the same. Numbers have proven that online job search is not the proverbial elixir that job seekers think it to be. The internet is definitely an important part of the job search but let us tell you that as per reports, only 5 percent of job seekers get jobs through online job portals. Make sure you are considering newspaper ads besides the online ones as well.

#Myth 2: You will get a response within a day or just a few days of applying

You will get a reply as soon as you apply. This is another online job search myth that you should make yourself aware of. You have taken great pains to modify your resume and are probably expecting a response as soon as possible from the recruiters’ end. However, you have to understand that every recruiter has their own sweet time for checking out updated resumes and follow up with the updated job portals. A more effective job search is characterized by you keeping in touch with the human resources after sending over your application.

#Myth 3: You get all the job openings online

Much to the shock of job seekers, let us tell you that only 15-20 percent of the job demands are actually advertised. Most of the job openings are actually a part of the closed job market. So, before getting too hopeful about the online job search opportunities make sure you are duly steering clear of such misconceptions.

Educate yourself more about these myths just so that you can steer clear of them and adopt a more meaningful approach towards your job search.

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