Taking Monotony and Stress out of Education

Don’t be shocked if you come across people telling you that education is plain boring – run by boring people, consisting of boring plans and entailing boring discussions. There – in fact – are teachers with considerable exposure claiming the same. The challenges that educators face assume a more “glaring” shape of sorts when the comparison between classroom learning and the internet comes into the equation. You open Google and in no time you become aware of how fast the world is changing. It doesn’t matter how significant or insignificant your queries are, expect Google to offer your answers. The “sloth” with which traditional school education is pursued is discussed with more vehemence as such. There are some that believe this is the biggest challenge faced by educators today—the fact that it hasn’t changed for over a century.

The boredom springs from a hackneyed approach to shaping the future of students. Who would approve of the fact that they are appearing for the same hackneyed tests to seek validation? School tests have been there – not for months or years but for centuries. You sit down for class tests, you do well and you are sorted. However, if you are unable to do so – not only once or twice but on a consistent basis – then it’s nothing but perpetual distress for you. You start dreading future tests as well. The pattern is not only plain pathetic but conspicuously boring as well.

The moment you stop seeking gratification you stop dreading tests. That doesn’t happen easily. However, there are possible (say easier) ways to drive monotony away from education as well. What are they? Let us explore in the course of the post.

Enroll for interactive learning courses

The internet is a virtual treasure trove of learning materials. You can find even what is taught in your classroom. The online courses are aplenty. If you think that there is a particular subject or for that matter a chapter which is slowly becoming difficult for you to grasp then you can always reach out to the more interactive online classes focusing on the same. You never know! Monotony often emerges as the reason why you may be finding it difficult to internalize the essence of the subject and that’s being taught. Make sure you’re reaching out to online classes for help.

Set your Notes Right

Music is not only a great escape but a clutter breaker of sorts. Someone has pointed out very interestingly to the efficacy of “notes” in this case. If you are finding it difficult to remember dates, names of places and stats then you can try setting them into music.

Consider using flashcards

Flashcards are actually considered great revision tools. You can make the whole learning experience a more enjoyable one by using these flashcards on a regular basis. They help you compress the subject into their shorter formats. By concentrating on the main words or lines or sentences you can also make them more visually memorable as well.

So much for making education less boring. Do you find it difficult?

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