How can you be a better class monitor?

Being a class monitor is every student’s dream. Generally the student with the greatest leadership qualities (as have been perceived by the class teacher) or great academic records is made the class monitor. If today, you are honored with the prestigious position, you will definitely like to educate yourself about ways to become that monitor who everybody in the class looks up to. The tips mentioned here, will definitely help you become one. Do read on.

Exploring the qualities of an ideal class monitor

The first quality that you need to develop as a leader is neutrality. You cannot be biased. You cannot turn a blind eye to your best friend’s fault in class or be unnecessarily harsh with somebody who you just don’t gel with. Breach of classroom norms should be treated with equal gravity – irrespective of whether it has been committed by your friends or no-so-good-friends in class.

Being a leader is not easy. He should harness certain qualities in himself that will help him differentiate himself from others. From the moment you are chosen as the class monitor you should learn to be calm. There is no room for lack of patience or demonstration of rage. You should be calm but stern enough to ensure that the students are listening to you when you are in charge of the class (i.e. during the teacher’s absence).

It is your duty to be understanding towards your classmates. You just cannot go on to ignore the genuine problems faced by your classmates when the teacher is not around. Is someone bothered by someone else’s harsh comments? Is there a situation which has gone out of control? Is there anyone who is trying to reach out to you to overcome a sense of alienation from the rest of the class? Make sure you are paying attention to these needs. Doing this will not only help you develop great leadership qualities but shape remarkable human virtues as well.

Be disciplined yourself and try to encourage others to be the same as well. Don’t be late for class. Don’t talk when a class is going on. Don’t pick up fights with others. Set an example for others to follow.

Are you the class monitor at present? Are you sure you have all these aforementioned qualities? If not, then make sure you are actually making an effort to develop them. There is no dearth of avenues from which you can actually learn and grow.

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