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Entering into the class along with a properly developed lesson plan could be the smart yet proficient way to get started your career as an instructor or educator. Lesson planning is something most important to enhance the teaching-learning process as it provides a roadmap to the teacher for successful delivery of lesson or lecture avoiding omissions and needless repetition of things. An instructor or teacher with better preparation will be able to handle whatever unexpectedly happens during the lesson like surprising questions from students regarding the lesson. Lesson planning has a great corollary in the teaching process and an expert teacher will never ever underestimate the value of a good lesson plan while teaching a particular group of students or class. There are lots of reasons why lesson planning is vital on teaching process and the major one is that it helps you maintain focus and concentration from the start to an end. By reading the importance of lesson planning in next portion of the article, you will get an accurate idea of why a teacher must have the lesson plan on hand to make the teaching process more convenient and magnificent.

Lesson plan and its value

The lesson plan is generally defined as a detailed guideline that a teacher or instructor follow while delivering the lesson to the class. It depicts the structure and format of the entire lesson that students will become skilled at in that day. It is all about what students need to learn during the lecture and how the teacher will accomplish it by using all available resources and materials. Planning a lesson is imagining the lesson before it comes about and helps the teacher a lot in keeping students engaged without facing interruptions. Developing a lesson plan usually involves setting the learning goals, sequencing, organizing appropriate learning activities and developing strategies to obtain positive feedback regarding student learning.

Importance of lesson planning in teaching

In a classroom full of students with their dumpy attention spans and natural desire to put everything out of place, chances are higher for the lesson to be fully diverted but you can get advantage from a well-built lesson plan to prevent the situation. The lesson plan is the balanced combination of chosen lesson objectives, apt procedures for delivering the instructions, the methodology of assessing your students & their learning skills and materials required to carry out the lesson fruitfully. As a teacher or instructor, knowing how to educate students appropriately could be the very first step to success in class and lesson planning offers you satisfactory help in this regard. It is said by seniors that a good and productive lesson plan make a confident and competent teacher to boost up the teaching process to a new level. Lesson planning is a little bit tricky but so far an essential part of the teaching process and importance of lesson planning in teaching cannot be denied. Well developed lesson plan has benefits for both teachers and learners as it works like stress reducer for instructor during the lesson and helps the students to learn the lesson more resourcefully.


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