These are the reasons why Pokémon Go will impact education

Days after its launch, we’re still not being able to get over Pokémon Go and the wide array of benefits it has to offer us. Players across the globe had been unequivocal when it came to hailing this game not only as a great stress buster but as a great way to combat depression as well. Players have to go out and play. The game, as such, has worked wonders for people battling depression and as such had so far isolated themselves from others by mostly staying indoors.

Has the game really facilitated learning?

However, the game’s beneficial attribute has not really remained confined to “health”. According to a recent report, a school in Australia is tirelessly encouraging its students to play Pokémon Go since they have realized that the game is actually helpful and does not act as a hindrance to learning at all.

Craig Smith, a prominent name in the field of Autism research has admitted that pupils playing this augmented reality game has shown marked improvement as far as their social skills and ability to engage in studies are concerned.

Taking off from this point, let us tell you that it has already been suggested that Pokémon Go is the future of learning. Here are the reasons put to the fore.

Reasons why Pokémon Go will impact learning in a major way

Students are more fond of their phones than their textbooks. As such, experts think that it is a great opportunity to leverage the kind of engagement – or for that matter the kind of “connect” which pupils have for their phones. They have also clarified that this move is not suggested to encourage students to stay away from texts – but to make the most of the medium they’re already using profusely. Here is more on how it can benefit school education.

The game has actually taken “tech outside”. Students are not confined to their classrooms anymore. They are not required to stay confined to their desktops like we were supposed to do ten years ago. There is every possibility of this game opening up new horizons of field research in academics.

What more? Students can also be better informed about historical landmarks while they’re on the go.  The game has got students moving. Moving is definitely a sort of exercise. And, we all know how exercise can improve brain activity.

These are the reasons why we think that the strong (and positive) connect between Pokémon Go and learning is irrefutable.

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