Top High-Paying Jobs for Women

When it comes to job opportunities for women, do let us tell you that the discrepancy is not really between the paychecks of men and women but that of women and women as well. As per the United States Department of Labor’s Bureau of Labor Statistics 2014, some of the careers clearly outshone the others when it came to pay. Today, in the course of the post we will go on to document a few of the high paying jobs for women. Do read on to unravel!

Nurse Practitioner

Nurse practitioners are in charge of cordinating with patient care. A nurse practitioner can either coose to work in collaboration with a physician or else independently and provide primary care or specialty care. They are notably required to have at a least a master’s degree in the relevant field in order to make the cut. As per reports, female nurse practitioners can either earn a median of $1,682 per week or $87,464.


In the year 2016, Chief Executive Officers emerged as one of the top earning roles among women with the median annual wages soaring upto $97,552! CEOs are in charge of planning, coordinating and supervising company operations. The main purpose is to ensure that the copany meets its goals on time.


Pharmacists – another lucrative job role for women. The primary function of the pharmacists is to manage and dispense medications to patients that have undergone treatment from doctors and have received prescription as a result. Pharemacists might as well be employed at various settings including hospitals, medicine stores and grocery. It is imperative on the pharmacist’s part to secure the Doctor of Pharmacy Degree and necessary license. Female pharmacists may well end up earning almost $99,000 a year!

That’s seriously no joke!

Computer Programmers

Computer programming is another area where women are actually geared to earn fat pay-checks! Computer programmers write and test codes that actually enable software programs and computer applications to run in a proper fashion.

Once again, female software developers are also raking in the moolah – big time! Very simply put, software developers are in charge of shuttling diverse roles including devising computer programs, analyzing user needs as well as designing myriad computer applications.

Operation research analysts

Operation research analysts are known for utilizing advanced mathematical and analytical methods to facilitate organization’s efforts towards investigation of complex issues so that they can solve problems and are better adept at making improved decisions.

So, as you can well understand there is actually no dearth of lucrative employment opportunities for women. As you are ready to make your foray in the professional world, make sure you are actually leaving no stone unturned to educate yourself about the high paying opportunities available for women. Do ensure that you are selecting academic courses in accordance as well. Make sure that you are guided in accordance. Do keep on educating yourself more in this regard.

Stay educated! Stay informed! Do watch this pace to unravel more such career-related news. Stay sorted as well.

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