Classroom Etiquette: An important part of school and college education

Though classroom etiquette is not really a part of your school or college curriculum, your teachers do expect a certain degree of courteousness from you. And courteousness here doesn’t only mean politeness but several other aspects including punctuality, attention in class and a keen sense of certain group dynamics. We will learn more about classroom etiquette (as an important part of school and college education) in this particular post.

Don’t be late for your class

This is one lesson that should be inculcated in students right in their formative years. The value of time can never be undermined. Students in general will go on to learn its true significance as they foray into the corporate world. There are days when you just can’t help being late for the class owing to unavoidable circumstances. However, do not make it a habit. Being regularly late for class conveys a sense of disrespect for your professor or teacher.

Learn the ways of working in a team

Classroom etiquette is applicable for your equation with your classmates as well. If you are working on a group project make sure you are never rude with your group members. Even if you disagree with any other member, try to get across your point politely instead of pouncing on the same. Do not embarrass others but try to weed out disagreement through discussion.

Side conversations are a major no-no!

Indulging in side conversations might be fun for you but is utterly disrespectful for your teachers or professors. Ask them and they would rank this behavior of these students as one of their top pet peeves. There are times when students’ whispers become so loud that they end up distracting the entire class. Another inappropriate behavior is to read some different text or completing your homework for the next class while your teacher is conducting a class.

Student presentations

If you are a part of a student presentation then always be attentive to what the speaker has to say. Don’t distract the speaker by talking to others while the presentation is going on. Always participate in discussion if the speaker encourages you to do so. Do not pass rude comments.

Turn off your cell phone

Always turn off your cell phone when you are attending a lecture. You can keep it in the vibration mode but make sure its intensity does not end up distracting the entire class. The best thing to do is to switch off the phone when you enter the class.

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