Education 4.0: The Dawn of “Digital Monarchy”?

In the era of smartphone classrooms, robotic home help and online examinations, it is not really difficult to envisage what Education 4.0 holds for us. Tipped as the future of education – poised to change consumption of information in a dramatic way, Education 4.0 in a way completes the phenomenon of digital penetration in our every day lives.

Is the Digital Influence Complete?

It has been reported that with the help of Education 4.0, students will be groomed to take the digital challenges head-on. At the heart of this phenomenon is creativity which of course will enable students to steer their way out of these challenges. Let us explore its scope in the course of this post.

Let us start off by saying that at present the phenomenon is primarily deemed as a disruptive system which not only focuses on what is taught but the way in which it is taught as well. The education model is completely based on the need to fulfill future needs—quite conspicuously aligned with future trends.

Digital 4.0: As it has been viewed by experts

For a few, education 4.0 is a phenomenon which responds to the needs of the fourth industrial revolution or IR 4 where humans and machines are aligned to eke out solutions, troubleshoot and of course discover new possibilities of innovation. The technology-fueled world is in constant need for leveraging the immense potential that the digital technologies have in the offing for us. Besides, the entire spectrum of open sourced content, digital technologies, personal data and new humanity is there to be explored. What better way than to initiate attempts at the earliest? Education 4.0 is just a small step towards meeting these goals.

Education is not restricted to classrooms. Education 4.0 expands on the basic premise. Online classrooms have been facilitating learning in more ways than we could have ever imagined. Talk about those juggling between jobs and online courses (to further professional advancement), or for that matter those enrolling for special courses offered by foreign universities, the advent of e-learning has been as heartening and as fruitful an experience that one would have liked it to be.

The concept of e-learning taken a notch higher, seeking inspiration and more

Education has now come to be viewed more as a life-long process rather than a classroom-oriented ritual or for that matter just a mere stepping stone to the professional world. Learners and educators will now be looking to redefine ways in which learning has always impacted their lives.

  • Which companies have now embraced the challenge of reshaping their industry by questioning old rules and paving the way for new ones?
  • Which companies are clearly looking at new ways of doing things and more importantly coming up with new winning strategies?
  • Who are the actual gamechangers as far as education 4.0 is concerned?

Let us tell you that the inspiration for Education 4.0 can be found everywhere. Before overemphasizing its speculative future, let us embrace its principles to estimate efficacy. Let’s learn and empower ourselves!

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