Are you finding it difficult to tackle more than one job at a time?

Handling more than one job is almost regularity today. Most of us will have that one friend who is a part-time yoga instructor- cum- rock star-cum paper pusher. However, it is not really as easy as it sounds. Money is not the only benefit to be derived from multiple jobs. You are able to pursue different passions at the same time and get paid for the same. Plus there is no job monotony to deal with.

However things can become a little taxing with too many assignments and too less “me” time in the fray. Turning to a few tips to handle multiple jobs might help.

Dealing with multiple jobs

Having a second or third job offers you the much needed financial boost which your contemporaries with a single job might as well be in search for. However, in order to make the most of the opportunity you have you need to ensure that you are adopting a systematic approach towards your assignments. Sit and think. Why are you shuffling so many jobs? You are dedicating a substantial amount of your time to a part-time office job because you need money. Besides the first job, you’re handling minor acting assignments because that’s what your real passion is but it’s not lucrative enough to make sure you’re paying your rent on time. The key in such a situation would be to cling on to both the jobs for money and practice.

Do not end up spending all the extra money (no matter how little it is) you’re getting from acting. Save it. Save up substantially, so that five years down the line even if you cannot concentrate on acting fully, you can at least devote more time to it than what you’re doing now. It is important to prioritize rather than embarking on job offers indiscriminately without an objective.

Take a break!

Take a break at least two or three days a month. You’re busy. Consider yourself fortunate. However, you need to take well-placed breaks in between work. Remember those with single office jobs generally work around 9 to 10 hours a day having sufficient time to take rest for the rest of the day. With two jobs you might as well find yourself working for even around 15 hours on certain days. So make sure you’re cutting yourself completely from work when you’re taking a break. Instead of taking a consecutive 3-4-day break, consider dividing it among different weeks. Make sure your sick leave is not the only day when you’re taking a break from work.

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