Trends that will dominate the future of e-Learning

With our students securing access to some of the most exciting e-learning technologies today, it is indeed the right time to explore the future of this particular form of education. No, we aren’t really spelling out flawless predictions but are definitely looking at trends that will possibly shape the future of e-learning. So, let us explore.

Future of eLearning: Looking at a few trends

With e-Learning getting unprecedented mileage in recent years, there’s hardly anything which can be more interesting than gauging its future. Here is a look at a few possibly dominant future trends to throw light on.

Automated Course Authoring will only grow from here

Today, automation stands as a fairly less explored concept. Expect it to enjoy a much more significant position in the coming years. Thanks to the eLearning authoring tools, you do have access to a plethora of e-Learning templates and themes today but the future is definitely about the introduction of many integrated codes that facilitate process automation. With their help, you can actually go on to create eLearning assessment methodologies and games with minimal effort.

Mobile Learning: How can you miss that?

You possibly cannot miss out on the possible expansion of mlearning or mobile learning while you are discussing the future of e-learning. Experts opine that the growth of mlearning is only going to facilitate informal learning in a major way. Mobile learning supports informal learning to a great extent – so much so, that with the growth of mobile learning, it has been opined, more informal learning can be incorporated in the curriculum.

Growth of gamification in learning

Much to the delight of kids, gamification in learning is well poised to become one of the most influential trends in e-learning in the years to come. In fact, that time is not far when gamification will actually become an integral part of e-learning. Organizations offering services to corporate clients employ gamification to motivate unmotivated learners. Games often involve points, badges and leader boards to drive learner engagement.

There are a few people who believe that universities (i.e. traditional universities) will not even exist in 2075! Learning will transcend edifices by then. The teachers’ jobs will not be at stake because they are the ones who are going to pass on knowledge through generations just as they are doing now – only with a difference. Schools and universities will transform to mobile and desktop screens then!

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