America: Education Stagnation and Jeopardy

The world today is dealing with financial snag and it goes without saying that economic decline is America is triggered mainly by its academic stagnation. Education is not only important for making one well-informed but accomplished citizens can do way more for the country in taking it forward. Unfortunately the high tuition fees and loan liabilities enforced upon the students compel them to drop out of college. On the contrary, international students come forth to take over their seats and earn university degrees and come out with infinite opportunities.

It’s a forlorn situation for American students who have to really work hard to get into motherland universities owing to their pecuniary condition and an easy walk-in for global apprentices. Let us unravel in this post the reasons that can be held responsible for this rueful scenario.

Loans and emotional dismay

Young generation in America gets into loans and mortgages even before students enroll for the US post-graduation courses. This burden gives rise to social and emotional disarray– teenagers in the US are so confused that they can hardly focus on careers. Unlike America no other country is seen to bestow such liabilities on budding scholars.

The subservient treatment that American students receive in their own home country gives them no choice but to quit education and bid adieu to their callings.

Tuition fees break the bank

Everywhere in other countries home students can acquire affordable education but in America tuition fees are exorbitant. So much so that students can barely make it to college and even if they find themselves reeling under the burden of “insurmountable” student loans.

Drowning in debt they can no longer think rationally thus they chose the road that takes them away from enlightenment. Free education does not give rise to reckless students’ rather unreasonable education outlays is reason enough for economic setback of any country.

Other issues blurring student glitches

The government seems to be unaware of the plight of students. Be it paying up for war or business partnerships importance is given to all other matters sidelining the pupil concerns. Must we not think through that these are the students who will grow up to be the face of the country in years to come? The saying “ …as you sow, so you reap”, will see itself in future when the uneducated mass of people will have no occupation and heavy loan liabilities giving way to loan defaults and economic depression.

The future of any country is its learners and it is high time that American government realizes that what we do today is what we get tomorrow. Education should be made more affordable for the masses and students should be able to study free of any distressing debt conditions. Free education should be assembled with a system wherein the students have to be accountable for their scholastic results. Country is for people residing in it and they should be able to enjoy the benefits primarily without any impediments. It is not for the welfare of the country if it does not cater to the inhabitants. Let us not forget the future of the country is made in the classrooms of today!

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