Steer clear of these career mistakes

Somebody has put it very aptly – you don’t realize you’re committing a career mistake when you are actually committing the mistake itself. It happens with most of us. The first career lesson would be to ensure that we don’t let these mistakes linger for long. We are not asking you to jump from one job to the other right on the first month of joining itself. All we are asking you is to at least be on the lookout for other jobs and settle for something in six months or a year, if you are not happy with your present job. Here is a rundown of the major career mistakes that one should avoid.

Don’t think that your job is going to last forever

There are not one or two but many of us who actually believe that our jobs will last if we perform well. In the process, what we do end up doing is rejecting job offers left, right and center. “I’m not considering a full time opportunity as of now since I’m quite content with my present job” is the answer we often end up offering to the HR teams of different organizations calling us up. How can we afford to take our jobs for granted? What if the managerial body has completely different plans for you? What if the organization itself ceases to operate? Make sure you’re leaving no stone unturned to keep your job hunt on even while you’re working. Grow your network. Connect with people on a regular basis so that you don’t end up hitting the proverbial dead end while you’re being laid off. Don’t let your present workplace become an overwhelming comfort zone for yourself.

Don’t burn the bridge with anyone in your professional network. You might as well be irritated with your boss beyond repair. The only solution to this problem would be to embark on a patient and well thought out job hunt. The more desperate you’re to leave the job, the more careful should you be with your job hunt – there’s no room for any brashness out here. You simply wouldn’t like to be stuck with another bad job. Maintain a perfectly amicable equation with your boss – no matter how irritable he/she is- quite simply because one bad relation comes with a huge baggage including overall ambience of animosity and workplace and others.

Last but not the least- don’t trust someone too much. Today, you might as well be too eager to leave your present job to be a part of a start-up floated by your favorite colleague. However, do you know that there are instances of such colleagues or friends turning out to be bad bosses later? The key is not to let emotional equations but only prudence govern your job search.

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