Are you keeping your workstation clean?

While deadlines, workplace politics, company policies, and paycheck quite sum up our work life- one of the major aspects that we end up undermining is our workstation. How many of you take the trouble to ensure that your workstation is in order? How many of us ensure that it is absolutely clutter-free before we start working or after we are done working? Not many of us do! However, many of us are also not aware of the fact that by keeping our workstation dirty we are actually flouting major workstation etiquette!

Not many of us realize that keeping our workstation tidy is part of our workplace duty. Your employer might not have spelt out norms regarding the same but let us give you all the reasons under the sun to keep your workstation clean. Read on to discover.

Your workstation is a direct reflection of your personality

When it comes to business, a clean workstation has way many more functions to serve than what you can actually imagine. Is a prospective client on his/her way to your office? You must be all ready to leave a favorable impression on him/her. You might have selected the best tie and suit for the occasion. However, you cannot really forget that the “impression” to be created by you, goes beyond how you dress up. The appearance of the workplace will matter as well.

Professional image

A clean work space is important to keep up the professional image of the place as well. Make sure your workstation is not brimming with dirty coffee cups, office supplies, papers or for that matter other stuff. Clean. Clean. Clean.

Think about your health

A dirty workstation is not conducive to health as well. Workplace illness remains one of the leading reasons behind missed deadlines and dismal business growth. The pile of dust accumulating on the desk, for instance, might as well be seriously harmful for employees having dust allergy or breathing trouble.

More about workstation cleaning: What you should know

So, the next time you are blaming your frantic work schedule for being unable to tidy up your office space, remember what all you are losing out on when you are not maintaining a dirt less and clutter-free workstation. Plus, those who are eating at their desks without cleaning them up, will unwittingly end up attracting disease carrying vermin.

Hope the points mentioned here will guide you in your efforts to step up the work space cleaning measures.

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