Why do Candidates not Respond to Your Posts?

Do you know why people are not responding to your job posts?

What could be the possible reasons to scare your candidates?

Are you wondering where you are going wrong?

Before you accept defeat it is high time that you take a look back at your approach. Though you have installed the application tracking system and have embraced technology to the fullest, but are you using them wisely?

Reaching out to the potential candidates is not so tough if you have a proper recruitment strategy. But as the market is saturated so most of the people are trying to seek the attention of the potential candidates. So to hire the top talent you need to adapt this new and more transient kind of recruitment strategy.

1. You posted a boring job description

A job ad should be something attractive and not something negative. In this commotion, you need to post something that steals the eye of the candidates. Use your applicant tracking systems to post exciting, descriptive and specific posts.

You must not stick to those generic templates and a shopping list of skills. Common oversights include those things that you ignore to mention – location, salary, seniority, perks etc. You can use this recruitment software to post some of the exciting and targeted messages to the candidates.

2. The term which you use to hire is not interesting

Recruitment software helps you to post interesting job posts, so why not use them to the fullest. People who want to join your company will want to see some posts that complement their personality and interest. The company who showcases generic culture, like robots is not desirable to catch the attention. In short, you need to minimize those boring terms in your job posts. Add this to your recruitment strategy.

Most of the Millennials today are interested in those job profiles that helps to fit the or gel with their culture. So make sure that the branding material that you share through your recruitment software should be genuine and authentic. If your candidates show interest you can use collect data through applicant tracking system instantly.

3. The time you set to hire is very long

If you want to attract great talents to your job profile, you have to snap them before your competitors do. If your application process is irritating and time taking, candidates will lose interest. You can get to know their reaction through applicant tracking systems easily. If you take time responding to them, delay the feedback or schedule interviews quite late, your candidates will turn their attention.

So set your time accordingly along with the length of the recruitment process in your applicant tracking system.

4. You have a bad online reputation

The candidates leave a company to go to another one simply because the latter has a better corporate identity. There are so many social reputation platforms that tell whether a place is suitable to work or not. These days those platforms, employee recommendations, and warnings actively influence the decision makers. So improving your online repute should be an important recruitment strategy.

After you improve the social repute, you will find the reflection in your recruitment software that will gather more data on candidates than you have imagined.

What’s Your Take?

Recruitment is not a boring task. If your employees catch the attention of this, they will soon turn off. Those companies who want to work with the top talents, always review their recruitment strategy to stay ahead of the competitors.

Those who follow the trends are likely to tap a standout experience in their applicant tracking systems.

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