How can you be categorized as per your career choices?

While much of your adulthood is defined by your professional exploits, let us tell you that the types of job seekers/holders are as varied as your career choices are. Not everyone out there wants to or for that matter can chart similar courses as far as professional growth is concerned. So based on the types of career choices embraced by different adults, they can be grouped as “sprinters”, “wanderers or strollers” and “stragglers”. And, before we delve into details of these nomenclatures, let’s not forget that the professional choices embraced by adults or adolescents throughout the ages are as much the products of “decade defined” compulsions, trends and choices as they are of personal choices. Let us discover more.


Here we have this group of individuals driven by laser-like focus- planning their professional path as early as possible in their lives. For them, there is little or no room for indecision. They know what exactly they want to do with their lives and select a course accordingly right after graduating from high school. The most notable aspect of this group is that they stick to the choice – shifting from job to job much up the career ladder.

Sprinters might further be sub-divided into the ones driven by speed and the others influenced by method. The latter are the ones who believe in establishing a successful career by investing their capital in graduate or professional courses. So, “focus” more than “speed” is the middle name here. This particular group is not afraid to change jobs frequently. As per the Bureau of Labor Statistics, those born in the eighties held six different jobs on an average between 18 – 26 years of age.

Wanderers or Strollers

Without demeaning their ambitions to the least, it can well be said that the wanderers and strollers are the ones who are not as sure about their career choices as the sprinters are. A common trait among these individuals is to go back to school for more degrees to further their growth. The graduate schools, it is believed, give you direction and structure to keep you on the right track professionally.


Stragglers are the ones who find it difficult to settle for a viable option after high school- thereby mostly ending up dabbling with jobs, experiencing leisure and often trying out many vocational courses to figure out where their interests lie. Whereas sprinters are known to generally establish their foothold in their chosen industry by their late 20s, stragglers can only figure out what they want to do by then or early thirties.

Which group do you belong to?

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