Education: The Most Significant Trends Taking Over the World of Learning

Personalization, as we all know, is crucial to commercial growth. Customers in droves are demonstrating marked inclination towards personalized experiences. This particular trend is steadily cementing an undisputed place in the field of education as well. Documented below are the most remarkable trends that are going to shape the future of education in a major way. The world of learning and education is transforming in a major way just as it should. So read on to explore what these trends are.

Learning spaces are increasingly being revamped

Thanks to the digital revolution which is taking over every walk of life, it’s only a matter of time before books will be increasingly replaced by computers or laptops. However, living up to the challenges presented by the digital age is no mean task as far as the schools are concerned. After all, the entire replacement of books is not really viewed as a positive trend by many (and quite rightly so!)

In order to handle this challenge efficiently, there are a few schools that have already started rethinking their libraries. These libraries are treated more as open spaces – just as resting hubs where students can even choose not to participate in learning and creative activities.

What is BYOD? Why are students and teachers required to know about it?

BYOD or Bring Your Own Device – it seems- is a rage today. Schools are implementing rules that allow teachers and students to bring their own digital equipment including mobile or tabs. This practice is perceived to be a highly beneficial one. It is opined that BYOD enables students to be more engaged in their work and promotes personal learning as well. Then there is increased access to more and more pedagogical apps. The school ends up saving a lot on technology as well. The practice drives independent learning.

3D Printing: Is the Future of Education right here?

The leading countries are busy devising protocols governing the use of 3D technology in the academic institutions. There have been frequent talks about the use of 3D printers to assist in teaching design subjects and STEM. Though till now 3D in schools have been restricted to teaching of designs, it has been opined that the technology does have a wider scope in education. Concepts of mathematics, biology and engineering can be taught via the same.

Playing the role of Second Fiddle to Perfection

Teachers are embracing their supportive role in a more efficient fashion than ever. They have understood that it’s the students that are the chief protagonists. The schools in the digital age are increasingly moving away from rote learning towards skill and value-based insight. The focus has shifted from “what” you know to “how” you know them. Students are now dealing with deeper-level thought-provoking questions and have instant access to data based information as well. Teachers are now busy playing the role of assistants helping students to become inquisitive innovators.

These are the trends that are presently ruling global education. They are poised to take over learning processes in the next half of 2017.

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