Positive Integration Of Media For Children

In the phase of life where we are totally surrounded by latest technological inventions, it is very imperative to help kids become skilled at the positive use of digital media.

Parents are the role models for their kids and they can build up the positive integration of media for children when helping them growing and learning the new things around.

Kids and digital media is the common debate nowadays as, digital media can also have negative impacts on kids if they are using it in wrong way.

Let’s talk about some ways parents can make digital media a positive for young kids for a bright future.

Care for media as you would any other situations

In order to build positive integration of media for children, you must know your kid’s friends and connections, both online and in the real world.

Keep an eagles eye on what type of applications, software or programs your kids are using when using the digital media.

Set limits and encourage playtime

Use of the digital media for kids should have limits to make positive use of media for kids.

Encourage them to play with friends in playground or backyard in order to diminish the use of digital media.

Family participation

Yes! Participation in use of digital media with kids could be a great way to keep them away from negative effects of the media.

You can ask your kids to play a video game with you whenever they are using digital media like computer or laptop.

Be a good role model

Limiting your own media use will definitely limit the use of media for children. Be a good role model for your kids by using the media when required or necessary.

Interacting and playing with kids rather than simply staring at TV screen could be the great way to discourage the use of digital media for them.

Face to face communication is the great choice

Two-way communication is the best way to let your kids take new things on.

Here I am not talking about video chat, but you must build the environment of face to face communication with kids aware them of benefits and importance of the two way communication without using the digital media.

Live in tech-free zones often

Avoid use of the digital media and technology while eating the meals with family because it provides more quality family time and healthy living as well.

Recharging the tech devices in the night would be the best option to limit the use of media in order to make your kids enjoy quality sleep.

Kids will be kids

They are kids and will definitely make mistakes using digital media oftentimes but you need to handle the situations with compassion.

You must take a closer look at the behavior of your kids oftentimes in order to get signals and indications if thinking that problem is on the way.

You can also block some negative elements like sites, channels or other options on the tech gadget or digital media that your kids are using.

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