Do Corporate Gyms Really Help?

There are not one but several benefits to be obtained from corporate gyms. Talk about battling the ill-effects of desk-bound lifestyle or the likelihood of increasing illnesses- one can actually go on to imagine the range of benefits that these corporate gyms have to offer. There are several people who believe that gymming at work is nothing but a waste of time, but it can safely be claimed that these employers are clearly on the erroneous line of belief. Read on to find out what we mean.

What Research Says

Betsy Nagelsen McCormack and Mike Yorkey in their book “Fit Over 40 for Dummies” put fore a research showing the cost-benefit analysis of corporate gyms. It was revealed that corporate gyms actually ended up saving more than around 1 to 5 dollars thus spent. It has been established that businesses that invested in gyms at work experienced decreased absenteeism and reduced number of applications for sick leave. This definitely led to decreased company costs and increased productivity.

Do we even need to urge the employees that you should go on to be a part of your office gym – if you have one?

Benefits of having corporate gyms

Having gyms at workplace is treated as a surefire means to ensure that employees are getting a chance to work towards their well-being. When you are hounded by constant work-pressure and deadlines – even a few light exercises can actually go on to help you “divert” and keep yourselves relaxed.

In the world of paradoxes, health consciousness is as strong a truth as obesity is. The number of people who hit the gym regularly isn’t imaginably surpassed by those who are not fond of giving up their guilty pleasures of life (read eating and not working out) for a perfect body. So, it can well be assumed that the corporate gym facilities do work as a perk for –if not all- at least a major section of recruits. There is no dearth of driven individuals who are absolutely ready to do anything to strike that perfect balance between their physical and career related needs. They don’t mind working out at the gym to maintain that fat-free frame and concentrate equally well on their work. There are many who are bound by time-constraints but there also are others who are ready to beat this challenge. For them, at least, a workplace gym is a definite perk.

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