Career agility- What is it and why is it imperative in this world of change?

The only constant thing is change! Time and again new evolution have swept away the timeworn ways and have affected the social, economic, environmental and technological arenas. Hence embracing the change is the way to go and accordingly one ought to be agile or flexible. Career planning has now been replaced by career agility which adapts you to be a part of the change. Of many factors that can pave the way for smooth career advancement is agility which not only opens new doors for us but also nurtures the unseen talents we have.

Let us now read on the post to gain clarity about the vastness of career agility. Know better!

What is career agility?

In layman’s terms, it can be defined as getting yourself career ready. It is far from being a job hunting solution where you highlight your credentials and land yourself with a job. Career agility is more of finding yourself. Categorically it means aligning your talents with your capabilities, evolving over time with fruitful experiences, being responsive to change and seeing the best in it, learning to promote oneself.

  • Turn your strengths into capabilities- Analyse your innate talents and shape up your capabilities. These capabilities can then help you to achieve your career goals.
  • Adaptability is the key- Nurturing your talents may lead the way but you need to be flexible enough to adjust to changes and open to learning in order to be a team player that employers see fit.
  • Now is the time— market yourself! Promoting oneself requires confidence and communication. Your skills are of no use if you cannot showcase it to the world.

Career agility is not just a terminology it is a practice to get better than yesterday for a glorious tomorrow.

How has this changed lives?

Now that we know what it means let us try to understand the ‘why’ of its importance in the world today. Global economical changes have transformed the way we look at life and work. This shift has introduced the factory model, long term employment with one employer is now history and job security is endangered. In this scenario career agility helps employees to adapt to the changes for better.

In this sea of changes, education trends will be the game-changer, workers will have to be multi-faceted in the work they do and bid adieu to the outdated ways.

The employee- employer relationship will also be revamped. No longer will it be a situation where one dominates and the other gives in. Career agility empowers employees with new skills and expertise thus to get the work done it has to be a win-win situation for both. Authoritarian leadership will see its decline.

With plentiful of opportunities and optimism career agility is the path to a celebrated future where not just a boring desk job that pays the bills will be settled for rather a career will be invested in that will alter our lives for the better.

The beginning is yet to begin. Rise and shine!

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