Mid-Career Job Change: You don’t have to go down the Career Ladder

Changing career midway is decision fraught with uncertainties. What exactly does changing your “line of work” exactly mean? Does it imply that you will have to start from the bottom of the career ladder yet again? Does it mean that you have to start all over again?

Should a career change be necessarily considered going down the career ladder?

Well.. essentially no! Though most of your peers or colleagues cum friends might have you believe otherwise, the truth is quite different. In this particular post, we will be making efforts towards documenting ways in which you can make the comfortable career switch midway. Do read on in order to be duly guided in this regard.

Now, one must always remember that there are a few skills that are positively transferable. It means that irrespective of which industry you have decided to foray into you should consider building a consequential presence in your next company with the help of these attributes

  • Communication
  • Leadership
  • Networking
  • Articulation
  • Promptness
  • Managerial skills
  • Creativity

What you need to know and do

Giving a glimpse of the aforementioned traits during the interview itself might as well help you establish what you are essentially going to bring on board- so that you are not essentially thrust with the preposterous proposition of settling for incredibly low pay apparently because you have no previous experience of working the same industry.

How does networking help you?

Expanding your network helps you on many levels. So, you should be ready to demonstrate efforts towards that end. Your network for instance can jolly well be your bridge between the industry you are leaving and the one that you are about to (or want to) join. There are professionals from different industries in your network who are well aware of your strengths like communication, perception and creativity. They might have been a part of network since they have seen you participating in seminars or trade shows or online forums. They might as well consider you a great addition to their ventures because of the transferable skills. Networking skills – do shore them up!

Having a great network backing your credentials also means that your potential employer will have a clear idea of what you are capable of bringing on board. A solid network of yours means solid connections – that of course can benefit the company you are about to join as well.

Conduct proper market research

It is always important on your end to conduct your market research properly before embarking on a decision. Today, you are reading this particular post because you want to know whether it is possible to switch industries midway without having to start from the scratch or not – and if you are not required to do so then what exactly are the ways in which you can take the leap in a hassle-free fashion. It means that you have already started your research. Make sure you are asking around peers and others who have already switched industries in the middle of their careers to secure a clearer idea.

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