SAT Scores: How important are they for potential recruits?

What is the exact status of SAT scores as of now? This is one question which lingers amidst the latest news regarding the examination’s diminishing significance in universities and colleges. As per the latest reports, there are a few colleges and universities that have done away with treating these scores as the yardstick for measuring a candidate’s chances of securing admission. On the other hand, however, there are still a few leading companies that refuse to shift the focus from a potential recruit’s SAT scores. Now, the question is when the significance of SAT scores is shrinking in colleges and universities, is it prudent on the part of the employers to continue giving it equal weight age? Quite understandably, the entire scenario has got students in a fix. Let us discover more.

SAT Scores: What’s it with the Employers?

Starting off from where we left- “Why are the employers still not over the SAT scores?” There is a very simple funda working behind the entire practice. For the employers the SAT scores turn out to be a handy screening device. Elite names like Goldman Sachs and Bain & Company still want to find out how you scored in your SAT examinations. It’s simply because of the fact that these scores help them disqualify candidates without much effort. It’s like they have an easy yardstick to work with. While the HR managers continue to assure candidates that these test scores are just one of the many factors judging candidature, in reality they (i.e. these test scores) don’t act as the “one-point” data influencing your chances at an interview.

The SAT scores go on to play an even more significant role when you’re applying for a job in a company backed by the services of braniacs then they are most likely to consider only candidates who have secured above 95th percentile. They may tell you that those who score below do not get rejected but the truth is, anyone with lower percentile is not even called for the company interview – mostly.

It is sad but true businesses do think that SAT scores actually go on to reflect a candidate’s overall ability while students still believe that a high-pressure 4-hour examination can never be the true reflector of their credentials.

So, what happens when a student doesn’t take SAT examinations just because the colleges and universities have stopped attaching equal weight age? Will his candidacy in a company be cancelled due to the same? Unfortunately there is no clear stand regarding the same.

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