Benefits Of Humor In The Classroom

Just started your career as a teacher and seeking for some great teaching tool to make the teaching-learning process efficient? If so, just keep in mind that “humor” could be a great teaching tool that not only keeps the whole class engaged in learning but also enables your student to become skilled at what you have delivered during your lecture. It is something of use of teacher that builds a more comfortable learning environment in the class and all teachers must utilize the sense of humor in teaching to have fun even while teaching a boring lesson. Use of humor in the classroom helps teachers and educators a lot in class management and also make students feel relax during the learning by generating a warm and fun ambiance. A number of tools and strategies teachers use to motivate their students as well as to make learning easier yet effective for them and humor is one of them. Getting the interest of students during the lecture could be a hard task for a new teacher but one can get it done swiftly with the use of humor in the classroom. A teacher with a good sense of humor in teaching method can deliver the lecture more effectively than one who is just focusing on the lecture.

Benefits of humor in class

It is said by teaching experts that students who spend enough amount of minutes in laughing in the class are more likely to build burly communication & learning skills. They are strong in thinking skills, creative in actions and can simply deal with stress during the learning process. According to the newly admitted students who have just entered into the learning process, academic institutes are most boring things on earth but a teacher with a sense of humor can make it a place full of fun because the humor in educational institutes dishes up a lot of positive functions more than making students laugh and happy. It can bring all your students together to learn the lesson or lecture more attentively. A joyful classroom could be a great place to learn not only lectures but ethics as well regarding how to treat or communicate with others. Humor in the classroom can cause an increase in eagerness and confidence in students because it is considered as the best stress reducer.

Ways to use humor in classroom

Humor is a good move to make learning fun but you must follow rules & policies of the Institute and some humor strategies to use in the classroom that we have added right here:

  • Instead of targeting your students, laugh at yourself in order to make students laugh for a better learning environment. Point out any wrong thing or action done by you and make them feel relax.
  • Organize a joke segment in your lectures to make it fun. Ask students to share funny but sensible jokes in the dedicated period of time.
  • Add some cartoon or funny characters in your lesson or lecture to make students laugh while learning your lesson.
  • Keep sharing funny memories from your own life with students to keep them focused on learning instead of doing other things in the class.
  • In order to keep your students engaged in learning, frequently ask them to share their funny stories with the class because the humor in the classroom builds an effectual and dynamic learning environment.

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