How To Make Your Resume Standout

When it comes the transition from student of an academic institute to the workforce of a famous company or business venture, resume is something most important that let the potential employer or recruiter know that who you are, what qualification you have accomplished, what type of professionals skills & expertise you have and most importantly why you are the best match for an advertised position or job. Hiring managers and employers short list the job applications and resumes submitted by hordes of job candidates in order to weed out non-capable candidates quickly without wasting the precious time. One must have inspired resume writing skills to make your resume stand out in order to be in the list of selected candidates for interview call. According to an experiment, recruiters only spend 20 to 30 seconds on viewing a resume to determine whether it should be in the shortlist or not. If you really want your resume to stay on the recruiter’s table instead of the bin, then you must follow some basic resume writing rules and points to make your resume stand out.

Importance of resume in job search

Well written and attention grabbing resume is a vital job search tool that every job seeker must have to submit a job application in a proper way for a favorite job title or position. When you are submitting a job application for a specific job, its mean you are in line with hundreds of other highly or equally qualified applicants those are also looking to get hired for the same page and resume is the thing that will make difference between selected and rejected. Resume writing could be a little bit complex task because one must present personal and professional details in attention grabbing and professional manner to stand out the resume from the crowd. It sounds like a personal marketing tool that markets personal traits and professional skills of an individual for the purpose of getting hired and it must be embellished with each and every detail that help recruiter to consider an applicant for the interview. Here are some brilliant ways to make your resume stand out and everyone must employ to write a job winning resume.

Ways to make resume stand out

There is the pack of proven tips to write a great resume that grabs attention of recruiters at a first glance;

Read the job advertisement carefully: First step of the resume writing should be the careful writing of job advertisement and it is important to let you know that what the employer or company is expecting from the potential employee and whether you meet all requirements or not.

Cover Letter: A resume sent with an attractive cover letter will show your professional writing skills and help to know the interviewer that what is included in the entire resume.

Add a burly personal statement and career objective: You can create a great impression to the reader by adding a strong and convincing personal statement in your resume. It will help the recruiter know that why you are interested in the position and how you will serve the company with your skills and expertise for positive growth.

Use strong keywords: Try to write your resume with strong keywords that are used by the company or employer in the job advertisement. Most of the companies use resume scanning systems to shortlist candidates and use of well-suited keywords will make your resume stand out as well as to stay in the list of shortlisted candidates.

Bullet points or numbers: In order to write an attention-grabbing resume, try to add bullet points and numbers when it comes to depict your professional skills and traits.

Avoid fancy fonts and colors: Your resume must be simple but professional in appearance so don’t use any fancy font styles and font colors to make it peculiar.

Reread to make it error free: go through the resume after finishing in order to find out mistakes and errors if any because an error-free resume will definitely stand out.

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