Career advancement: Know all that you should know

Designation hike doesn’t come easy. So doesn’t a salary hike. At times, it gets even difficult for employees to figure out what exactly career growth is. Is it all about periodical pay hike? Is it only about job changes for “better” salary and diversification? What is career growth all about?

Ideally, a desired professional trajectory is determined both by your pay and wider avenues of exploration. You might be stuck with the same company for years – receiving customary pay hikes after every two three years. Would you call that growth? May be not- unless and until there’s an associated designation jump (if not every time but at least a few times) with added responsibilities. Provided below are a few tips for desirable career advancement.

How can you aim for career growth?

When we speak about growth – we are speaking about an all encompassing proposition which includes due retrospection at crucial junctures. We’re talking about career planning here. It is not something which you do only once or twice in your life – in school or in college. You should do this on a regular basis – right from the start of your job life through every one or two year at job till your retirement. Do not treat this as a dreaded obligation but as a fulfilling exercise. The more you retrospect the better will you be able to identify flaws (if any), areas that need improvement, areas that have been ignored and of course the rewarding experiences as well.

Do it before others say it!

Career advancement is also about taking the initiative yourself and doing things before anybody else asks you to do it. For instance, you might as well try to identify your shortcomings while at work and address them as well. Are you too afraid to try out things that are technical? Are you not being able to communicate with your team properly? Are you too afraid to convey the difficulties you’re facing at job to your team leader? You should be able to identify these flaws all by yourself and work on them.

Opportunities: Where are they?

Keep your eyes and ears open for every avenue of growth. Is there an online course aimed at helping candidates overcome their fear of board interviews? Or for that matter, to enhance their digital marketing skills? Do make sure you’re keeping yourself constantly updated with the latest in business to see yourself move up the career ladder.

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