Key Differences Between Good And Great Teachers

Just take into account that teachers are not bad because they not only help us in learning course books and lessons but also assist us to deal with various day to day situations and life affairs efficiently. Nothing makes a teacher good or bad but in my opinion, there are two types of teachers ‘good and great. Let me explain some key points that highlight the shades of difference between good and great teachers. Teachers always help students in developing good study and learning habits to understand the lecture and other relevant aspects. The teacher is the professional who is completely responsible to provide you a great learning environment or a bore and below are some major things that explain the difference between good and great teacher that you must know whether you are a student or guardian of a toddler student.

Here are differences between good and great teachers

Good teacher is always careful about the delivery of lesson or lecture on time to cover the course syllabus within the given timeframe. They may not spend time on explaining materials and ideas beyond the notion.

The very first and imperative feature of great teachers is that they are engaging, time and again amusing, and intrepid as well while delivering the lesson to class or group of students. They adopt various strategies and tactics to hold students’ attention and find a way to drive home an important principle.


A good teacher is a professionally trained person who tries, by using every approach available, to make students understand the subject or lesson and more than that.

And a great teacher shows you the ways to accomplish your study goals as well as to help you to reach the destiny you want to be there.


Good instructors think they are for the most part in the matter of showing stuff and helping students with the goal that it gets educated.

Great teachers usually spend their time in the ability finding and ability improvement business, unlike other teachers who just deliver a lesson or lecture just like a duty to get paid.


Only good teachers look generally to the past. For instance, did students understand what I instructed and did they do according to the instructions explained to them?

Great teachers always think about the students that what they can do and learn the lesson delivered by me. Like, are they ready to win through individually after the lesson delivery or not?


Good teachers are regularly undermined or troubled by shrewd alecks and doubters.

On another hand, great teachers have a great time confidence alecks and doubters who obviously have the crude however undirected ability.


Good teachers maintain guidelines and grade as per the scores students earned.

Great instructors in some cases twist the tenets and fudge the evaluations in the interest of crude understudy ability.


Good educators simply know us as students of the subject.

Great teachers know more than we know ourselves, particularly as far as scholarly character.


Extraordinary educators get more from us than we thought conceivable to give

Great instructors have exclusive requirements and interests, and guess that the rest is dependent upon us.


Good teachers make a ton of progress while making the substance as fascinating as could be allowed.

Great educators and teachers choose what not to instruct to guarantee enduring accentuations and recollections



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