Wine tasting: A flourishing career on the rise!

A glass of wine is the best way to relax and rewind after all the hustle at work. Wine tasting career option is a pleasurable occupation where you are remunerated for tasting varieties. Apart from salaried jobs liquor tasting is also a viable and lucrative business possibility. Esteemed institutions provide wine tasting courses all over the world all you need is to look up what suits you best. Wine tasting in brief is a rewarding career both personally and money-wise owing to the divine experience it bestows alongside being a great recompensing job. Find out details of wine tasting career right here.

What is wine tasting all about?

Having interest in wine alone cannot land you the sommelier job as the subject of wine has many layers to it. A taster’s job is way more than just wine tasting. In-depth knowledge can be acquired at workshops and is a must for students keen on taking up this career seriously.

Sommelier: What the job entails

Profound knowledge about wine particularities is essential to be an established sommelier. Upkeep, packaging and storage, costing are other peculiarities of this marvelous profession. A wine taster can effortlessly articulate which wine can best complement the food on display. ‘Blind tasting’ an analysis of shade of wines, the darker the older is again a skill enrichment activity. Education and passion may be the stepping stones but to be one in a crowd a wine taster must be able to comprehend with ease the taste, the texture, the flavor and the blend.

Do you have it in you? Know the prerequisites

Innate lust for wine, it goes without saying makes for the crux of the career. Then comes familiarity with the specifics of wine. When choosing a career with beverage one needs to liberal and have an upright sense of taste and smell. Wine tasters always have to be on the go as the profession demands at length travelling. Brush up your English communication skills as the job demands meeting and connecting with people and language aptitude is desirable. Ability to memorize and hold on to information together with culinary propensity and love for chemistry are other vital preconditions.

Earnings and incentives:

Freshers can expect a salary ranging from INR 20, 000 to INR 30,000 in India whereas senior professionals with years of experience can earn more than a lakh per annum.

Careers you can pursue in wine tasting:

A sommelier, a wine journalist or a writer, food critic, a lecturer or an educator and a consumer trainer— you one can choose the seemly pick as per your interests or aptitude or overall suitability.

At the outset the wine tasting course may seem to be an exorbitant outlay but career oriented students can make the most out of it. After gaining recognition and attaining a place in the industry there is no looking back. What was considered strictly to be a leisure activity yesterday has turned into a game changing line of work with plentiful opportunities worldwide today? 

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