Which Academic Degrees Promise Lucrative Jobs?

For every student mulling their future professional plans, this one makes for a must-read. To start things off on a not-so-positive note, t should be remembered that the last four years have not been particularly remarkable for university-leavers as far as their professional prospects were concerned. However, things are changing now, with higher number of people being considered for jobs in recent times.

The Academic Courses: Judging how Lucrative they Are

Now, with the ever-soaring tuition fees and living costs, students have no option but to look for academic courses or degrees that actually ensure the best return for their money. So, today, in the course of the post we will try to offer you a picture of the job-degree ratio – just so that you are well armed to judge the academic feasibility of degrees. So, here we go.

The Higher Education Statistics Authority (HESA) had released statistics that claim that 18% of the graduates who left full time degree courses in 2008-2009 found work in the health and social work sectors.14.1% of the graduates are currently working in the technical and scientific industry. The technical industry notably covers a number of disciplines including architectural services, bookkeeping and legal advice. The education sector, however, emerged as the most potent source of employment attracting more than 25% of the graduates.

The Differences between Sectors

Students have to remember that the rate of recruitment varies from sector to sector. At present, it’s mostly the engineering, consulting and the public sector advertising most of the vacancies. The Telecom and IT sectors also shoring up their recruitment with every passing year. They might as well vary a little among countries as well.

Canada: A Special Mention

In Canada, for instance, a very high percentage of local students are absorbed by several companies. As per a study conducted by CTV News, students who studied Dentistry, Forestry, Therapy and Rehab and Veterinary Medicine experienced 100% employment rate. Here are glimpses of the performances of other fields of study:

  • Nursing: 97.4%
  • Medicine 99%
  • Pharmacy: 97.2%
  • Business and Commerce: 94.9%
  • Computer Science: 96.5%

If you are in Canada, you expected to grab the highest paying job depending on the following fields of study:

  • Pharmacy: 91,031 CAD
  • Dentistry: 99,706 CAD
  • Therapy and Rehab: 65,000 CAD
  • Computer Science: 63,462 CAD
  • Medicine: 65,333 CAD
  • Nursing: 62,248 CAD
  • Law: 72,981 CAD
  • Veterinary Medicine: 73,974 CAD

The University of Waterloo, The University of Toronto, Concordia University Montreal and University of British Columbia are just a few Canadian Universities commanding the highest of employability.

What Should Students keep in View?

All we want to point out to is that students should ideally make efforts towards drawing parity between the choice of their academic degrees and employability before selecting a course in the graduate and undergraduate levels.

Adults can chip in with substantial help in this regard as well – i.e aiding their kids to choose something which reflects the perfect balance between personal preference and employability.

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