Are Substitute Teachers Important?

Substitute Teachers

Throughout our school years we remained largely unaware of the significant role played by our substitute teachers and it can well be said that the trend hasn’t really changed much. Substitute teachers are still an underappreciated lot – their significance consistently undermined and the value of their services never comprehended in entirety. Today, in this post however we seek to reverse trends. Let us tell you that substitute teachers do more than what you actually think and their presence in a school is essentially necessary.

Substitute Teachers: The Unsung Heroes of Schools

They are substitutes. They are superheroes. Now, to start off with, let us tell you that there are several parents who end up thinking that substitute teaching would actually end up hindering their children’s academic progress since apparently according to them substitute teachers are not qualified enough to do what full time teachers can do. Going through this particular post we hope will help change notions in a major way.

Talking about their enormous contribution to education let us tell you that the first very important function of substitute teachers is to reduce the workload of the full time teachers. Do you know what happens if substitute teachers are not found? The schools often end up asking the full time teachers to minimize their preparation time – which of course inadvertently ends up affecting students. Under prepared teachers are the ones that are mostly stressed. With the presence of the substitute teachers however, the full time teachers do not really have to worry about such vagaries. They can dedicate optimal time to their own preparations and go on to guide students in accordance.

Do you even realize how they are helping?

The substitute teachers are the ones that ensure that there are no undesirable gaps in education engendered by the absence of full time teachers. One can actually go on to be absent for so many reasons out there – sickness, unavoidable family problems, emergencies at home and what not! Schools hire substitute teachers with the sole aim of ensuring that students don’t end up suffering for these instances of absence. Substitute teachers turn out to be a bunch of dedicated souls who leave no stone unturned to demonstrate their capabilities as potential full time teachers. The students of course emerge as surefire winners quite frankly because they end up getting the best that substitute teachers have to offer in terms of teaching. These teachers follow the lesson plan strictly just as their full time counterparts do and eventually end up leading classroom discussions with their necessary knowledge. They want to be called back as full time teachers and as a result they are particularly over zealous about their work – so once again, the benefits derived by students in that case cannot really be not reiterated

Wrapping it up…

So, in short, it may actually end up taking years before we realize the true value of the services rendered by substitute teachers but there’s no harm in initiating the process from now only – right away!

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