Are you prepared for your first campus interview?

If you’re final year student, by now, you might as well have got used to the talks of campus interviews greeting you everywhere starting from the college ground to the canteen and of course, the classroom. Early preparations, nerves, discussions and excitement – all your efforts and emotions culminate on THAT day- the day when you are about to face the interview! Today, we will offer you a few tips with the help of which you can crack a campus interview without struggle. Read on for valuable campus interview tips.

Understand its significance

A campus interview rightfully demands as much focus and attention as the final year exams do. Your chances of success in this particular interview will go on to determine your professional course in a major way. There is no need to get all too nervy but there is no room for complacency as well.

Experts opine that you should ideally spend at least 90-100 hours in creating your resume itself. You can consider creating different resumes for different roles. Crafting your resume may not be prioritized duly by you but you should ideally consider it to be an important part of your preparations – simply because of the fact that your CV is the first thing that your recruiter will see and form an impression about you.

Consider finding out about the nature of the interview

There are times when you will just not be informed about the nature of the interview – whether the company is looking for candidates suiting special roles or for diverse openings. Confusions or lack of knowledge might as well psyche you out big time. However, the key is to stay calm and find a way out- and the best way is to ask the interviewer straightaway.

Ask the interviewers what exactly they’re looking for—- specialized or multiple vacancies and improvise on the spot.

Do work on preparing a 4 or 5-minute short summary of your internship/project

It is important because your project showcases your skills or talents. Preparing a short summary is only wise because you will not really be able to elaborate on them during the course of the interview itself.

Learn how to behave like a professional

You might as well be new to all “this”. You’re still in your college and are yet to appear for a corporate interview. So, it’s only wise to ensure that you’re picking a few tips to sell yourself as a professional. There is no point in mugging up stock questions. Professionals understand what the campus interviewer “exactly” wants to know. If in doubt, clarify it from the interviewer himself before answering. Look up the online articles telling you how the experts themselves had prepared or are preparing for boardroom interviews.

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