How can classroom bullying affect your kids’ grades?

There is perhaps a dizzying array of reasons why your kid is not performing desirably in school. Lack of concentration, lack of interest, perceived lack of ability to grasp a particular subject— so on and so forth. There are so many reasons that you can think of. However, not many of us link academic underperformance to classroom bullying.

What the studies say

A study carried out by University of California, Los Angeles (a few years back) revealed that kids bullied on a regular basis in school are known to do worse in school. 2,300 children from 11 public schools in Los Angeles were studied. The participants were asked whether they were bullied or not at school on a 4-point scale. They also needed to state which of their peers were bullied the most – physically or verbally and were asked to mention whether anyone was at the forefront of nasty rumors in class or not. Needless to say, the link between intense bullying and lower grades was unmistakably established.

Different Types of Bullying and their Effect on studies

Let us start off with physical bullying. A physical bully is particularly known to pick on peers who are physically weaker and unable to retaliate physically or verbally if provoked. Physical bullying makes it difficult for kids to concentrate on studies. They are scared of going to school at the first place. Just the trauma of getting pushed and kicked can keep your kids away from school.

At times verbal bullying might have an equally adverse effect on studies as physical bullying has. Students in their tender age find it difficult to endure verbal humiliation, teasing and mean-spirited insults.

Bullying in any form tends to alienate your kid from his school. Constant subjection to bullying makes your child dread his school- it ceases to be a place of learning and assumes a frightful shape for him. Missing important lectures by staying away from school can impact your kids’ grades negatively and even if he attends classes, it might get difficult for him to concentrate.


At the first place it is important to identify bullying as a necessary evil which even has the potential to affect your kid’s grades. So, it is important to ensure that you are talking to him and helping him with ways to address his concerns.

The best way to deal with bullying is to ignore bullies at the first place, to report instances to teachers and stop cowering at times.

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