Can you Help your Child Beat Poor Grades?

The impact of bad grades can be more intense than what you can imagine. Before reprimanding your child for the same, try to adopt a more systematic approach to the entire fiasco at hand. Give your child a chance. Bringing those poor grades home might as well have been devastating for him too. Your response as a parent, will now go on to determine how less or more painful the experience is going to be for him.

You know that your child is lagging behind and that there’s much learning to do. With your child, it’s part of your learning as well. It is perhaps the time to strategist your response a bit. Provided below are a few tips with the help of which you can help your child get over bad grades in school.

Be patient

That’s a textbook advice. Being calm and patient helps – perhaps because you’re in a better position to judge your kid’s situation than what would have been the case if you had chosen to flare up. Ask the most prudent of educators or child psychologists out there and they will tell you that yelling, screaming and lecturing will not help your child at all. The initial impulses of reproaching your child may be handled tactfully as well. Just take a break from the whole discussion to cool down.

Plain calmness doesn’t help

In certain cases, parents in a bid to be too tolerant end up making the mistake of not discussing the problem with their children at all. Be calm but be sure to discuss your child’s grades. Don’t convey a wrong message to your child. Your tolerance might as well be interpreted as ignorance by him, resulting only in further deterioration. A better bet would be to start chalking out a more effective study schedule for him.

Don’t promise excess rewards

Another dampener on the way! External rewards – especially money can actually end up interfering with your kid’s intrinsic motivation to learn. There should be a constant effort from your end to make your child understand the true value of learning for its own sake – not for money, not even for high grades. Open up new and interesting vistas of learning for your child and good grades will follow.

Consider organizing your child’s study

You might as well want to consider reorganizing a messy room because the problems of such rooms might as well manifest in many ways including forgotten homework supplies, missing school project tools and so much more.

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