Should schools teach social media in future?

With social media occupying such an important part of our lives, it might as well be interesting to find out whether if the time has arrived when it should make its foray into the school curriculum or not. Parents are rightfully on their guard against exposing their kids to the “uncontrolled” content on social media. However, the fact that social media usage has some real educational value attached to it cannot be dismissed either.

So, should social media be made a part of school curriculum? Let us explore in the course of the post.

The integration of Social Media in School Curriculum: Exploring the Right Way

If social media can be used with proper adult supervision – where you are neither cracking a whip on them nor allowing them absolute freedom to see anything and everything they want to see then social media can serve as a valuable source of knowledge. Here’s how students can benefit if social media becomes a part of their school syllabus.

To start off with, social media can teach them a lot about communication skills. As they grow up, the social networking sites are eventually going to be an important part of their lives – be it when it comes to finding a job, forging stronger networks or for that matter bringing their creations to the public forum. It will not really be an exaggeration to claim that social media platforms like LinkedIn can prepare kids for the corporate world- the way in which they should present themselves to their professional connections with the help of their updates, comments and shares.

A plethora of social media case studies might be included to teach them the dos and don’ts of social behavior. Social media is your exposure to virtual reality and if you are asked to keep certain things away from social media (like your equation with your partner, your spat with your employer, employee or colleague etc) you perhaps would be asked to keep them under wraps at social dos as well.

Making the most of the mediums

Facebook and Twitter have lately emerged as great sources of news and knowledge as far as a plethora of subjects in recent times including history, geography, cultural events as well as science is concerned. Exploring the opportunity to learn something out of the box wouldn’t really be a bad idea either.

If not anything, teachers can dedicate a substantial amount of time in teaching kids about the right use of social media itself.

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