Do your school grades affect your career?

Do your grades impact your career? Can bad college or university grades infallibly be linked to a ruined career? Opinions are clearly divided.  Students, parents, teachers and other academicians have not been able to offer conclusive opinions here. This particular post is not really meant to put differing opinions to rest. However, we will definitely try to offer a clearer picture of the real scenario.

Should you be worried about your grades while carrying out a job hunt?

So, do your college grades affect your career opportunities? The answer is both a ‘yes’ and a ‘no’. Read on for further details.

Now, when it comes to estimating the impact of your college or university grades on your career or job prospects – much depends on the kind of job you are looking for. Needless to say, someone with higher grades looking for academic jobs (teachers and professors) will definitely enjoy an edge over someone with lower grades in the same field– considering the fact that the one with lower grades might not even be able to sit for the competitive exams as well.

Your interviewer might as well ask you about your grades when you are appearing for an interview right after passing out – irrespective of whether you are applying for an academic or non-academic job.

However, all is definitely not lost for those with lower grades. For most of the non-academic jobs recruiters mostly rank your experience higher than any other factor. You can expect your presence, ability to nail an interview with aplomb, wit, domain knowhow and skills to help you sail through an interview in case it’s not an entry-level job you are interviewing for.

More about grades and career

Those who think that grades have an absolute control over your job prospects should talk to successful people who believe that grades are just a formal addition to your mark sheet- at least, they become so with the passage of time – as you go climb up the career. This is not to undermine the importance of college or school grades either. However, students should have a clear idea of what the demands of corporate and non-corporate jobs are and prepare themselves in accordance.

There is an absolute need to carry out lengthier discourse on this particular subject and parents should actually go on to expose their kids to these discussions. Students, as such, would be in a better position to make decisions in accordance. Help them put things in better perspective.

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