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Are career coaching services worth the hype?

Where do the fresh graduates stand in the ever evolving career landscape today? It’s clear that students don’t consider their degrees as the infallible passport to great career options any more. The playdate generation – at the heart of its growing up has been a keen sense of competition. For them the degree acquired by them is not the end of a phase of struggle but the beginning of a very different kind of fierceness. For many- career preferences have jumped from astronauts to biologist to chemist, while for others- finding their strengths itself has remained a major challenge. Turning to the help of career coaches only makes sense in these circumstances. Given below are a few ways in which career coaching helps the playdate generation in zeroing in on their career options.

Benefits of hiring reliable career coaches

First things first- career coaches don’t tell you exactly which job you should opt for right after a session. At least, the reliable ones don’t. Career coaching entails a thorough study of interests, strengths, weaknesses and personality traits. The coaches would then suggest you career paths in accordance. Now, candidates stand to gain substantially by investing in these services. Let us tell you that there are people who have even admitted that they had been able to identify areas of strength that they themselves were not aware of before.

It pays to conduct a little bit of research on the background of these companies. Look for coaches who have worked on building their online presence. Experts clearly suggest that if these professionals are not on social networking platforms like LinkedIn then they don’t come across as too relevant as coaches. Their online presence should also be duly backed by a well-maintained websites complete with rates, credentials and client testimonials. Consider the coach’s experience thoroughly. The website itself should reflect the coach’s specialization.

Identifying Red Flags

And remember if someone has spelt out too low a rate then do take it as an essential red flag. Good coaching DOES NOT come for cheap. It would be great if you are considering personal recommendations as well.

It is important on your end to ensure that you are reaching out for personal recommendations as well.

Kindly consider the aforementioned points to make the most of benefits offered by career coaching services. Some consider this investment futile but for others they are the perfect avenues for identifying their core skills. That definitely doesn’t come cheap!

The Effect of the Internet on Job Search

Job search has considerably undergone sea changes. Whether it has become substantially complex or not- you will come to understand once you go through this particular post. Gone are the days when a candidate’s preparations for his foray into the corporate world were confined to learning about interview etiquette and looking up a few stock questions and answers. Today, the entire learning process entails tricks to go up the “digital” ladder and getting past all the Google robots examining resumes for keywords. You might as well find many businesses turning to manual processes for hiring, while there are others employing highly refined automated functionalities to crawl the web for the perfect hire. If you’re not customizing your job search as per the demands of the digital landscape then you’re definitely losing out on a lot.

What does the “survey” say?

CareerXroads conducted their eleventh annual “Sources of Hire Survey” where referrals occupied the top spot for the eleventh successive year when it came to the factors influencing job search – at 28%. The online job boards came collective second at 20%. Career sites, print media and recruiters followed. Now, though personal recommendations carry significant weight even in the digital age, the internet is definitely a very crucial part of the modern job search. There is no point in excluding it totally from your quest for the right job.

When it comes to customizing your resume for online job search, make sure you’re including important keywords- likely to be used by recruiters when they are hiring. Review your job description thoroughly to ensure that it is well aligned to what exactly the organization is looking for. For instance, those looking for tech jobs must be prudent enough to highlight their experience with all the hardware or software disciplines.

Besides relying on personal recommendations, consider making use of the online boards, social networking platforms and search engines to establish networks with motivated employers and expressing your willingness to work with them. Don’t forget that you can actually go on to forge personal bonds (which can later translate into recommendations) on social networking platforms as well.

The Importance of Social Media

Consider establishing a solid social media presence based on credibility, relevance and motivation. The role of the internet cannot be undermined when it comes to connecting with potential influencers. Long term career strategies can jolly well be based on connecting with alumni gatherings, industry associations and education programs – entities that are beyond your immediate social sphere.

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