Starting your Career? Know These Facts about Artificial Intelligence


If you are bracing up to make your foray in the professional world, then you should well be aware of the significant trends shaping job search or the recruitment process today. At the forefront of the changing trends is the predominance of Artificial Intelligence. Today, standing at the end of 2017, you can well imagine that talent acquisition via Artificial Intelligence is no more solely about finding a candidate with skills and experience. Artificial Intelligence is employed to secure important insights into candidate credentials – candidates that are actually deemed fit for senior positions.

How has Artificial Intelligence Boosted the Recruitment Process?

At the very onset, it can actually be said that AI can be employed for more comprehensive screening of candidates. With the global recruitment war at its zenith, sifting through resumes of candidates is only becoming more challenging by the day for recruiters. When we are saying that recruiters are sifting through resumes we are not talking about hours or days anymore but seconds. Artificial Intelligence enables recruiters to do away with the cons of quick perusal of resumes. In its entirety, AI bots can help recruiters maintain meaningful candidate communication by bringing them a lot closer to the potential fits.

You may not even believe it, but it’s true that AI does help recruiters identify candidates whose skills not only comply with their present needs but are also suitable for the long haul. Gone are the days when recruiters had to largely depend on their intuition while getting someone on board.

Will Artificial Intelligence end up Costing Jobs?

MIT Technology brought out a research paper which clearly reinstated the power of Artificial Intelligence when it comes to recruitment. As per the report, HR managers do feel that they along with the talent acquisition managers will actually go on to play an evolved role in times to come. Their management role will be more strategically driven than ever. Asia is gearing up to embrace Artificial Intelligence in  a major way but it has also been surmised that most the Asian governments are apprehensive of the fact that this phenomenon will stand as an impediment on their way to transforming labor skills. There are suspicions that a lot of HR managers and talent acquisition managers will actually end up losing their jobs as well.

Are the Asian Governments ready to Embrace Artificial Intelligence Yet?

Whatever the suspicions of the Asian governments are, let us tell you that AI paves the way for better timing to reach out to candidates. In the highly intuitive recruitment game, it becomes difficult to estimate accurately when exactly a candidate is willing to make the switch. Artificial Intelligence entails the close monitoring of social media actions that of course do indicate future behavior in terms of their professional endeavors.

Wrapping Up.. what the future of AI in the corporate world is all about

Now whether, Artificial Intelligence will cost jobs worldwide or not is still largely a matter of conjecture. However, that it has to offer immediate benefits to recruiters has been amply proven here.

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