Is your child struggling with the absence of his favorite school teacher?

Quality mentorship is rarely to be found and is more rarely cherished as well. It is a special virtue which best manifests itself in student-teacher bonds. Not every day does your child end up lamenting a teacher leaving the school. Not every day do you find your child grappling with a subject because his favorite teacher isn’t teaching it any more.

Is your child finding it hard to cope with the absence of his favorite mentor?

However, there are instances when students find it really difficult to cope with their favorite teachers’ absence in school. What if you discover your child trapped in similar situation? Here are a few tips that will help you figure out the correct ways to assist your child in coping with his favorite teacher’s resignation. Read on to explore!

What can you do to help your child?

At first, try to make him understand that “distance” is the harsh reality of life. Why is your child so attached to his teacher? Is it because he/she taught well? Is it because he/she was extremely patient with his/her students’ needs, weaknesses and academic demands? Try to find out the reason and develop similar attributes if you don’t already have them. For instance, if your child is missing his teacher because of his/her patience, then try to be more patient yourself.

Try to get across the message that you are trying to create the same comfort zone for your child as his school teacher did. Let him know he is not alone.

Find out if your kid’s teacher is ready to stay in touch after resigning or not. Is there a possibility of your child recording his progress for two or three months after the teacher has left and sending him/her the recording? Will there be avenues for suggestions? Will your kid’s teacher get back with his feedback and guide your child as he/she had always done?

With the advent of technology it shouldn’t be that difficult for the student and the teacher to stay in touch irrespective of where he/she has located after resignation.

Plan a gift package for the leaving teacher. Engage your child in preparing the entire package. This is just a way to build up efforts towards a happy farewell instead of a sad one.

Do track your kid’s equation with the new teacher as well.

Taking these measures will definitely help your child cope with his favorite teacher’s absence at school better.

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