Does your school teach you any of these subjects?

Fiction writing, sports, drugs, Latin and filmmaking- though our core curriculum does not include these subjects, many are of opinion that they can make for interesting subjects nonetheless. Here is a rundown of the subjects that can be included in the curriculum.


We have all heard about schools conducting drama classes included as elective subjects in the curriculum. The focus is primarily on stage. It would be very interesting to train interested students for motion pictures as well. The introduction of the filmmaking classes in school can actually prepare more complete creative professionals. There are so many students who want to grow up to be exceptional directors. It would be interesting to see their transformation at each stage – from school to high school to college and likewise.

Fiction writing or creative writing

Why restrict them to only school competitions? Encourage kids to let their imagination run free – untamed. Writers are not born in a day. At times, it takes prolonged nourishment. Making up stories is always fun for elementary school kids. Why not incorporate fun in the curriculum as well – so as to make learning more interesting for these students? There are so many students who give up on fiction writing thinking that their stories are not good enough to be told. They can grow up to be more confident writers with proper instructions in fiction.


Because it’s beautiful language- perhaps trickier and tougher than French and Spanish but definitely worth a try. It is said that if one has a solid foundation in Latin then it gets easier for him to pick up Roman language.


As incongruous as that might sound, it is very important to educate students about the consequences of drug abuse. Teenagers make for a significant section of addicts. And, most of them are not even aware of the gravity of the scenario in which they are dragging themselves to. More than identifying drug abusers and putting them behind the bars or to the rehab- it is important to intensify awareness efforts. There is no dearth of drug awareness programs out there – but integrating drugs as a school subject might bolster universal attempt at fighting drugs as well.

Learning isn’t only about History, Geography, Science, English and Mathematics right? There’s a whole new world waiting to be explored by you. Do you think there is any other interesting or important subject that should be included in the school curriculum?

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