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Are you customizing your resume for separate job titles?

Gone are the days when you could actually craft a single resume and send the same to several companies at the same time. If you want your resume to be noticed among the sea of resumes out there, you need to ensure that it (your resume) is tailored as per your job search. A particular industry has several job titles that candidates apply for. You need to craft resumes in compliance with these job titles so that the recruiter, when he goes through the same, understands that it is meant for him (or his business) solely. This will definitely help you secure an edge over the others in the highly competitive job market. Listed below are the details of the reasons why you should opt for resume customization.

Why should you customize your resume?

Starting off from where we left, one of the leading reasons why you should opt for customized resume is to stand out from the crowd. On an average, each of the job titles mentioned in the job portals receives about 250 responses each day. Make the job easier for the recruiter in such a scenario simply by standing out in the crowd. Customization remains an instant differentiator in the case.

Customization helps your potential employer understand you better. For instance, today if you are sending across your resume to a digital marketing firm, it would be great if you are actually including your branding credentials in the resume. Let the recruiters know how your presence can bolster their brand. These are the little ways in which you can go on to make a difference for yourself in the job market. Once again, talking about figures, an employee spends around 7 seconds on each resume, on an average. Not an even a minute! You got to ensure that you are making a mark in those seven seconds. The employer will determine whether you are qualified or not in those 7 seconds. So, jot down the keywords in your mind that you think are going to strike all the right chords with the employers in those minutes.

How should you do it?

If your currently held jobs are similar to that of the job you are applying for then go for a chronological resume which shows that you are well equipped with the experience required for the current designation you’re aiming for. And in case your current job positions are not compliant with the current job you are applying for then make sure you are opting for a functional resume highlighting your skills more than your experience.